WorldLine Acquires Ingenico

WorldLine Acquires Ingenico

WorldLine, one of the largest European processors, will gain access to the North American Market in the third quarter of 2020 through the purchase of Ingenico in a $8.6 Billion Deal.

WorldLine, the largest payment processor in Europe to acquire Ingenico in a $8.6 Billion Deal
The acquisition is to be completed in the third quarter. The coming together of two French companies may have far-reaching consequences for the payment industry.

The total combined revenue will exceed $331 billion in annual revenue, placing it third largest payment facilitator in the world. Annual revenue will exceed $5.85 billion, of which $2.76 billion will come from merchant services. Ingenico shareholders will own ~35% of the combined enterprise.

This deal will give WorldLine a “foot in the door” in North American market.

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